September 1, 2017

Day 30 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

Thank you’ are two words sometimes we don’t say enough. These two powerful words can encourage your volunteers and increase loyalty.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to each of you for your participation in #30W...

Day 29 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

I'm curious...
If you were on vacation or away at a church convention – what happens?
If you fell off the earth today what would happen to your class?
When you are not there does attendance drop?
Are you willi...

Day 28 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

Teamwork makes the dream work!I can't stress enough the importance of using those around you go buy into and build the vision of your house and Sunday School. Where people feel invested...they will contribute!!...

Day 27 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

We are in the count down of our #30WaysIn30Days. I will be sure to pay special attention to questions in my inbox in the next 3 days so that all are answered.

Do you realize that Sunday School is the only minis...



Day 26 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

Whether you are encouraging people in a team, organization or ministry, it is true…you CAN influence behavior. Behavior can be influenced directly and indirectly. And YES in Sunday School behavior that is re...


Day 25 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

RUNAWAY CAR!!!!You’re the driver!

Keep your hands on the wheel.Managing your class at school is one thing, but keeping control of a less-structured class like Sunday school, a club, or a youth group is a comp...

Day 24 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

The landscape around us is changing due to shifts in demographics and our churches are beginning to reflect even more of the rich diversity found throughout the world. How are you creating an environment that...

Day 23 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

It's a hot day and there is a cool iced beverage handed to you. But you look and the glass is not clean. Do you drink it?Pausing to evaluate ourselves as teacher leaders is as if not more important than any ac...

Day 22 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

Sunday School growth can be enabled in many ways, yet most Sunday School leaders still focus on the most traditional ways methods. What many leaders don’t seem to value and/or understand is the power of knowle...

Day 21 of #30WaysIn30Days with #TSSG

Hello #TopTeacher!!!  

Partnering with others (classes or Sunday Schools) can not only reach a new audience but also potentially offer more to your students. Partnerships for both parties involved can be fun, rewarding and are more...

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