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📚#TeachingTipTuesday📚 January 19, 2016

📚#TeachingTipTuesday📚 Know your students!! If you're going to win with your specific demographic you must spend some time understanding them, how they act/move, what's important and how they learn. Today let's talk Millennials! Millennials is more than a buzzword! They are are young adults born between 1982 and 2002. They make up 25% of the U.S. population! These technology driven world shakers are conquering life at a different pace! As active and engaging young adults they are changing our world, the way we do business and how we engage. They are open to experiences for themselves and their families for both exposure and growth. They thrive in social communities. Teaching ages 18-35? How can you win with them? Here are some things to keep in mind: Millennials: 1. Don’t believe in being tied to tradition or location. Be open in the way you approach, study and share the lesson. 2. Don't believe in the inherent value of face time. They are able accomplish so much (in very productive ways mind you) that securing their time must prove value added or productive. They want to walk away knowing the time was well spent! 3. Believe in learning, not titles. This is not about lacking respect. While open to learning and fact hungry for knowledge, they are just not overly impressed with lengthy resumes, credentials or heavenly attire. They can learn just as much from a biker as they can a collar or robe! 4. Enjoy learning from someone else’s experience. They love hearing from older generations. This is especially true when the conversation is authentic! 5. Enjoy discussions. Remember they have grown up on teams and in communities! They are a research driven generation. You can learn to do almost anything on So class time is best when supported with engaging dialogue not reading or reciting commentary. #ThatSundaySchoolGirl #HappyTeaching #insights #knowyourstudents #themoreweknowthemorewegrow #GrowYourSundaySchool. #GreatStudents. #Prepare. #Participate. #Activate #iLoveSundaySchool. #COGICISSD. #iStudy. #IScreamforSundaySchool. #knowledge #mind #TeamJesus #ChurchGirl #Pk #Texas #Dallas #KansasCity #Lawrence #God

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