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📚‪#‎TeachingTipTuesday‬ 📚 - January 19, 2016

📚‪#‎TeachingTipTuesday‬ 📚 I’m sure today’s tip will get me in some trouble but I promise it’s really helpful! Teaching adults/young adults is a shifting art! You can’t walk in the door believing empty vessels are coming to fill seats. With the wealth of study material both in print and online, serious students are not entering uninformed and in great anticipation of the greatest brain dump ever in life. You’ve studied all week long and I know…you are FULL of information and ready to “pour it out!” But guess what? Many students have studied too. So each of you has brought something to the discussion.

Did you enjoy lectures in school? Sure…you got some information but did you leave feeling engaged or motivated? They may not tell you this…but I’m a ‪#‎MinistryCoach‬…so I’m on your side! And I want you to WIN! Let me just be honest…students don’t come to hear you talk non-stop for an hour! Although our wealth of knowledge is impressive it doesn’t reinforce learning. Stand and deliver lectures are 150% more likely to fall on empty ground and fail. Think about switching it up every 10 minutes with an interactive teaching technique! Invite a student perspective. Engage technology. (Otherwise they are on their smartphones anyway!) Even better…have at least 3 “life application” questions or a group activity (ice breaker or other engager) prepared. This will cause the students to shift from simply being able to rehearse a lesson and memory verse to understanding, processing and activating.

I know they call us Sunday School Teachers BUT when you create environments that encourage self-feeding/study it totally changes the setting! From today on …think of yourself as a Facilitator!! Remember…people learn in different ways. Push your students! Create the conversation! Don’t send students out the door with a recap and a memory verse…send them out “charged up” to be better and different as a result of the study of the Word!

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