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📚 #TeachingTipTuesday 📚 - February 2, 2016

📚 #TeachingTipTuesday 📚 Let’s be honest…traditional Sunday School models can be tough! We are all fighting the war between learning and that extra hour of sleep. I’ll let you in on a little secret…if you can create an amazing CHILDREN’S program…you can grow your Sunday School! (Yes…some of you even connected the larger message and how this can grow your church!). In sharing tips, it may be an interesting factoid to share that I am reared in a family church…where the sanctuary is divided for classes. I love the idea of megachurch and have nothing against large church models. But I have a heartbeat and passion for small and medium size ministries desiring to do big things for God! I shared that disclaimer to say that I realize that everyone does not have a massive training facility. If you have a large space…that’s incredible!! But trust me, whatever you have this #MinistryLeaderCoach can find a way to make it work! So today I want to talk more about children. I tell a story often of Zacc…who is a double digit big boy now. As a small child Zacc fell in love with Sunday School. It was him on Sunday morning who was insistent that his Mom get up…get dressed…of course have breakfast and get him to his class. His teacher had done an incredible job of creating community and camaraderie. Zacc looked forward to being an active participant. And I thought it was hilarious that he would not go without his dollar for the class offering. Guess what..we GREW...we got Mom because we won Zacc! The strategy is to multiply the #ZaccEffect!! Children are in very structured environments in their academic learning settings. No matter the size of your space you can still create a “learning center” for children. Here are a few ideas that may help make learning inviting for Children: 1. Arrive early to set up the classroom/class area and supplies. Make the learning area attractive! 2. Be sure that you know every child’s name and have their contact info. It means the world to them that you know their name and opens an avenue to send communication to your child student even during the week. Yep! Kids like notes too. Perhaps Mom or Dad’s email may be helpful! Who am I kidding? Some of them have their own social media! can also use your list to send out birthday greetings or celebrate/acknowledge other moments. 3. Celebrate first time students to your class…and make welcome special. A song, a chant and maybe with a small welcome gift item like a pencil would be fun. 4. Create and model a regular routine and structure to start your class. 5. Assign children to special task for the day. (Ex. Assistant to hand out materials, Supplies Manager, Prayer Buddy. 6. And of course SNACKS never get old!! Always a bonus when you can tie your snack into the lesson learning! The photo that I share today is from an observation a few weeks ago at a small ministry. As I exited the sanctuary I saw in the corner these small baskets. So yes…I wanted to see and know more. When I got close it was simple but so fun that I almost wanted my own bucket! ☺ I noted the care and concern the teacher had taken to give each child his/her own “bucket” of supplies. I especially love that each child has his/own own BIBLE!! What an incredible habit building strategy to ensure that every child knows the value of having the Word with them in class! And I say often, it doesn’t take millions to make impact. Many of these items can be found at your local dollar store. #HappyTeaching #TheMoreYouKnowTheMoreTheyGrow

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