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📚 #TeachingTipTuesday 📚 - February 2, 2016

Teaching Sunday School is a joy. Students sit in seats on Sunday mornings looking to you to know the lesson content and lead a meaningful discussion of its principles. The bar of expectation is high but today’s tip is about the Teacher/Facilitator personally! You can’t say it, but as a #MinistryLeaderCoach I will say it for you…YOU ARE BUSY! You have a life, a family, a career, and other responsibilities. At the same time you have an assignment. Never underestimate the importance of your personal time and the value you deliver. I hope to inspire you to find the delicate balance of being a Teacher/Leader.

The one hour or so that you are given on a Sunday morning should be maximized! It is an awesome time not because simply read a Bible story but you have a unique moment to leverage. Through your exploration and discussion you ensure that students leave with actionable thoughts/ideas/plans as a result of the Word. But in order to produce something great and to manage burning out you must PREAPRE!!


I mean really pray. Teaching/Facilitating requires you to prepare your heart and mind. This is not just something that you do. It is ministry. You have a Kingdom assignment. You impact the lives of God’s people.


Perhaps you have been a Teacher/Facilitator for many years. But never approach the lesson or the class time with familiarity. EVERY lesson is a new opportunity for God to release fresh revelation to you! Start early in the week to pace yourself and PENETRATE THE LESSON! Don’t just surface read. There are new key learning and life applications. There is inspiration to share with your students in new, meaningful and effective ways! Ask God to show you and to open your life to real world application even as you approach teaching the lesson. In order to have your eyes open for teaching/learning moments you’ve got to know and understand the content of the lesson. So start early!


Preparing is as much for you as it is for the class. There is value in planning how you will share the lesson. Lack of material leaves that open lull and put you under the pressure of empty questions and conversation to fill the time. The lesson should minister to you first. You are then in a better position to prepare lesson content to bring the lesson to life with your students. Think about different elements that you can bring into the lesson to open student understanding. When you are excited about what you have learned it comes across in your sharing!


Make sure to end your prior day early enough to allow yourself proper rest. You need your strength and energy. You want your mind to be clear. Try to wind your prior day at a reasonable hour. Enjoy a meal and use the time to refresh yourself on your teaching plan. Allow yourself rest remembering the energy you bring is the energy that will permeate your class.



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