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📚 ‪#TeachingTipTuesday ‬📚 - PRAY!

Today’s #TeachingTipTuesday is PRAY!

You have your trusty Sunday School book(s), commentaries, and online sources. You know your lesson aim and learning targets. You’re so prepared that you have developed a lesson plan! You’re ready to teach and take over the world…right?

NO WAY! You’ve got to PRAY! You need God to give you the insight and illumination that is needed. You need Him to ANOINT YOU to deliver the lesson with power and effectiveness.

I realize that “PRAY” sounds like a given but NO! But believe it or not, we cannot just assume that every teacher knows to do so. And we certainly know that every teacher does not actively do so. There is a danger in being focused only on your skills as a teacher and not remembering to have a total dependence on God!

Teaching God’s Word is not English or Mathematics. It’s different because you must be open! How does God want to minister to you through the lesson? How does God want to open up your understanding concerning the lesson? Is there something that He is going to show you that you’ve never seen in a scripture passage before? Has a life experience caused the Word to be relevant to you in a different way? What is it that God wants you to share? These are the types of questions that I hope guide you as a teacher on a regular basis. Then ask God to prepare the hearts and minds of your class to receive His Word and cause it to be alive in them!

The lesson should minister to you first.

Remember prayer does NOT exclude preparation.

Prayer + Preparation = PREPAREDNESS!

Redecorating your classroom?

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