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📚 ‪#TeachingTipTuesday ‬📚 - Rate Your Space!

Today’s #TeachingTipTuesday is RATE YOUR SPACE!

Engaging different ages means constantly keeping your teaching spaces fresh and relevant! Do you remember walking into your classes in elementary and middle school? Do you remember how fresh and engaging the “bulletin boards” were? They were designed to capture and excite you to be there and to ready to learn. Those same spaces were later refreshed during changes of seasons or perhaps to highlight an area of learning. Sometimes they were extra special showcasing the creativity and learning of you and your classmates.

My local church has a “new” Teen class. Don’t tell them but I sneaked into their room after class was over and boy is it a cool space for learning! They have a huge replica of an iPhone on one wall and a great welcome message. I think the most awesome thing was their CHALKBOARD WALL!!! And each student has been allowed to place their own “signature” on the wall. #sweet! It is amazing to see their interest being brought together in a space provided for them to learn!

Going into my own adult class, each week the teachers “decorate the door” in a way that is relevant to the lesson learning. My #SundaySchoolSelfie was in front of the door with the poster of a camel, a reference to Mark 10:24. And the caption reminding us “With God All Things Are Possible!”

Why was any of that important? It is important because the goal is to engage students as learners not just as passive bodies who show up at 9:30 a.m. As Teacher/Leaders we always push for students to learn and go deeper in their own learning and understanding of God’s Word.

If someone walks into your space…what do they see? Do they see an open environment for discussion? Is there fun taking place in the learning? For teens and young adults, it is important to note they create their own learning pathways and how they engage. This is important to know in thinking through how to bridge life lessons in the Word to every day living.

When creating your space think of :

  1. What makes spaces relevant to learning?

  2. How does it create a safe space for learning and discussion?

  3. How is collaboration is encouraged?

Sunday School is no different. Our classrooms are important spaces of learning. Students thrive in unique spaces designed to inspire them! Sunday School is an amazing hub for information and lifelong learning. It really is the school for everyone...from the cradle to the grave!

Need inspiration for great ways to create your teaching space? Follow me on Pinterest and check the “Rate My Space” board!


Shout out to teachers Danielle Wilson, Candy Bowens and Beverly Howard whose spaces are featured in this blog! :)

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