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📚 ‪#TeachingTipTuesday ‬📚 - TEACH TO TRANSFORM NOT INFORM!

Today’s #TeachingTipTuesday is TEACH TO TRANSFORM NOT INFORM!

Sunday School Teacher: You have the great responsibility to lead students through the exploration, discussion and processing of the weekly lesson study. As a teacher of God’s Word you expound on biblical truths and the principles of God’s Word. The most effective teachers are not those who simply read and recite the commentary, but those who #DigDeep (thank you Elder Roy Sims) push students how to APPLY the lesson truths.

Listen to me!! Anyone can read a commentary! And believe me…most students have read the same book(s) you have. So they won’t be impressed or engaged if you simply stand and read it to them. You must constantly push to ensure discussion are robust and meaningful. Information and explanations are foundation teaching. In other words, knowing what happened is great. The real challenge is how to lift the lesson from being more than just the recitation of a story to understanding its relevance and how we live it out TODAY. This is TRANSFORMATION!

How can you be a TRANSFORMATIONAL teacher?

1.Transformational teachers, like transformational leaders, are positive and inspirational. They are enthusiastic about what they are doing and that enthusiasm infects their students. Students are motivated to work hard.

2.Be a positive role model for students. Students of transformational teachers admire their teachers and try to emulate their positive and authentic behavior.

3.Challenging students/followers to engage their minds and to think creatively. The very best teachers get students to think about things in new ways, and challenge them to greater than a printed text. Think past sharing with students what and/or how to obey and teach them TO obey/apply God’s Word.

4.Romans 12:2 tells us we are renewed as our minds are transformed. Work each week to make at least

3 meaningful mental connections/applications with the lesson truths.

5.Find ways to connect with your students midweek (email, social media) with gentle lesson reminders or how you’ve seen the lesson alive in your own day to day life!

Redecorating your classroom?

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