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📚 ‪#TeachingTipTuesday ‬📚 - Uplifting Students

Today’s #TeachingTipTuesday is UPLIFTING STUDENTS!


When is the last time you encouraged a student? A major part of succeeding as a Sunday School Teacher is in building relationships. I am not a teacher but I certainly have perspective as a student who enters your doors. I have spent time reflecting on great teachers and what I have enjoyed most about them. I hope my thoughts will be helpful!

The truth is, you never know what a student has experienced prior to walking in your doors. With so much personal emotion behind closed doors , it’s easy for students or potential students to stray. Sunday School is a great way to build community and combat loneliness and emptiness. Uplifting students not only builds your class setting but the self-esteem in students.

As a young adult, I think uplifting a person is so important because you will never know whose life you will change. YOU can be a positive difference in someone’s life. As I have grown to believe in myself, I work to encourage others surrounding me. To friends I am a “save environment” and they open up to me being free to share their feelings, fears and weaknesses. I understand my words have the ability to empower others mentally . Being positive with my words, I start to see changes in their actions and the ways they will approach life issues.

There are numerous ways that you can plant the foundation to start encouraging your children and young adults. Never forget simple hellos and hugs. Be mindful that all students don't think at the same pace. Try to be open, understanding and flexible with each person. It really helps us to feel safe when we know we are not judged. There's a tool we use in school these days called " public encouragement”. This means when a student demonstrates good work and ability to do the lesson they are rewarded. As others see the rewards system, they will become intrigued and willingly and more actively participate.

I challenge you today to be an positive aspect on someone's life. Encourage them to not give up or even do continue giving their best. You will never know whose life you will change.

I’d love to know…how do YOU encourage your students? Feel free to leave comments!

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