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Sunday School Re-Imagined!!

From Classroom to Instructional Space!

Dominion Word Ministries COGIC takes the learning environment to another level!

In this week's lesson, Solomon dedicated the temple, marking the time of celebration of a new space for God. Last Sunday, Pastor Michael L. McWilliams officially “cut the ribbon” an offered the prayer of dedication for the new instructional space at Dominion Word Ministries Church of God in Christ, Denton, TX.

The concept of classrooms is changing! On Sunday, March 11, 2018, the Dominion Word unveiled its new, innovative teen instructional space! It shifted from a traditional classroom to a instructional space with technology incorporated for improved teaching and learning!

Increasingly, youth are experiencing more advanced instructional space designs with schools incorporating aspects of design and technology (computer technology as well as furniture technology) that maximize the potential for teaching and learning. Our bible instructional spaces should be no different.

The design was spear headed by Ms. Ashley White, a Sunday School Volunteer and incredible friend of Dominion. The space is thoughtful and incorporates a great deal of flexibility. As teachers bring the lesson to life, they have the ability to offer lecture, class-wide discussion, small group work, student presentations, videos and much more! It includes movable furniture for increased flexibility and does not sacrifice any seating capacity. And with the functionality expanded, new learning activities become possible.

“In planning to support teaching and learning in our Sunday School, we have no choice but to adopt a broader frame of reference than just our traditional, white walled, physical classrooms”, says Sunday School Superintendent Jan Hall.

This newly renovated classroom had student in-put and “buy-in” in the design of instructional space. Teens contributed “elbow grease” to the room design with a Saturday “Pizza and Paint Party”. They also helped to create the custom silhouette artwork, which are actual students in the class. After this event the rest remained a surprise until the unveiling Sunday.

The instructional space is created as a “TILE” design, purposed to encourage students to Transform, Interact, Learn and Engage. Students and teachers are able to move around the room, using different spaces in the room for different kinds of learning activities.

The teachers, Sister Carsella David and Sister D’Landria Fowls, accepted the challenge of teaching the Teen Class less than six months ago. The class named themselves, “L.I.T” (Living In Truth). They have spent time getting to know students and what motivates them. There is never a dull week in L.I.T. as they engage different teach styles each week! What was a non-existent class is now bursting at the seams.

Students were overwhelmed like an HGTV reveal with the new instructional space. Their faces lit up. “The kids were beyond happy! Teachers say even their classroom behavior was different on yesterday...lots more participation. After church, they headed back there for after church fellowship. Parents were thrilled and taking lots of pics!!!

Offering was even higher for their class on yesterday”, shared the Superintendent.

This space is only the first of many enhancements for learning at Dominion Word. The transformed space is a value added investment and a tremendous opportunity to see Sunday School at work in the local church!

Redecorating your classroom?

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