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Dream! Dare! Do! The #GoalCrusherChronicles #GoalSetting 😊👊🏾💗💪🏾

God WANTS Us To Produce!!

As we soar in the excitement of a new year I’m excited about what God is going to do for, in and through #TSSG! Last year for the first time I publicly shared my goals. It’s a little scary to put your hopes and dreams in front of THE WORLD. But there is also such a strong accountability that you feel when you take the courage to make it known. I looked at my goals monthly and shared where I was on track and where I needed some improvement. And you know what? I didn’t reach 100% but managing ME in this way helped me to stayed on target and to deliver a good solid 90% achievement! Annnnnnnnnd trust results were NOT in my own strength. God honored my efforts and allowed me to experience exceeding abundantly more that I could ask or think in some areas!! #1MillionViews It is indeed true. If you don’t know where you’re going, it will not take you long to get there. Goalsetting is biblical. God has expectations of us that we are productive in the earth. We are to bear fruit!!

In John 15:1-17, God is vineyard gardener. The vines have ooooooooooone produce fruit! And where they don't do their job, the Gardener cuts the branches off!

Think about that fig tree in Matt. 21:18–22; Mark 11:12–14, 20–25. The tree had ooooooooooone produce figs. It did not and Jesus cursed it! The bottom line is...God judges us when we are not fruitful!

Looking at the vineyard and fig tree, we see goal setting modeled.

There is:

  • A defined objective or purpose.

  • Goals to be met to accomplish the purpose OR a natural output of the objective.

  • A way to measure progress.

Goals should be SMART! Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Timebound! Creating goals is a personal management tool that allows us to think about what we do, understand whether it is working, manage our productivity and hopefully avoid crisis!

God doesn't expect us to simply have an appearance. The branches and fig tree looked like just what they were. We are not designed to simply have a pretty appearance but no productivity. Goal setting helps us to ensure that we are bearing fruit! How? They focus us on what we are called to do, what is important and how we get the work done. I saw a funny meme this week where a child asked the parent "what are resolutions"? The parent answered sarcastically, "basically a TO DO list that we forget after 1 week." Goals are so much more. They become a touch point that point us back to our vision and mission. Literally EVERY goal should point back to the purpose that God has placed inside of you!

What is ONE of your goals (personal or ministry) for the year?

Redecorating your classroom?

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