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NO...(with a smile) #GoalCrusherChronicles #TimeManagement 😊👊🏾💗💪🏾

NO...(with a smile)

We’ve got big goals lists and big dreams for 2019. How will it all come together? Managing time is a big part of it!! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and sabotage the things God wants to do in, for and through us by not managing our resource of time. I AM GUILTY!! IT'S HARD!!!! I want to help everyone. I don’t want to lose or miss good opportunities. And more times than not I end up a bit overwhelmed. The worst thing int he world is to over commit and under deliver!

Being more aware of my habits, I have already identified that my YES needs to be prayerful and strategic. And there are some things I’ll have to say “no” to along the way. I actually don't even believe that God requires us to say "yes" to everything. He gives us time and makes us stewards.

Sometimes “no” will mean I can’t get involved. Sometimes "no" will mean it doesn't work for me in this moment - maybe later. And other times “no” means I can’t do it FOR you but I can connect you to resources or empower you accomplish a task for yourself.

There are some great suggestions on ways to share your decline to an opportunity that don't feel sooooo rejecting. For are 19 ways that you can say "now" with a smile.

  1. It's not likely that I can...

  2. No thank you.

  3. Unfortunately I cannot

  4. I can't right now.

  5. I am really swamped right now.

  6. It's not possible at this time. Maybe another time.

  7. This really isn't a good time for me.

  8. This really isn't a good opportunity for me.

  9. I may not be the best fit right now.

  10. I am sorry I'll have to pass this time. Please don't throw me away.

  11. I need to bow out gracefully.

  12. I'm sorry I' not interested.

  13. If only I had the time.

  14. I have something else going on right now.

  15. I'm honored but I really can't.

  16. Aw man... I just took on something else...I'm not taking on new projects right now.

  17. That's really not my strength but thanks for thinking of me.

  18. Sounds great, but I can't obligate myself to another thing right now.

  19. I can't fit into your time frame.

I encourage you to think about how you manage both the time and strength that God affords you! Don’t just pursue “good opportunities” but GOD opportunities. God wants to do it!! Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot by mismanaging time! Don't be afraid to say "No"...and keep smiling. #HappyTuesday #TSSG

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